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James Kay

Independent for Kelowna Council

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My name is James Kay and I'm asking for your vote: experience with expertise and the will to make Kelowna better.

I am a civil engineer, worked for five years (2016-2021) in City Hall, understand development, home building, infrastructure, and related issues, I am an entrepreneur growing a local business who makes payroll and lives within my means, I am hard worker who comes prepared, I am a philanthropist, husband, and father who seeks to help this City be the best it can be.

Reason for running

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Putting Kelowna Residents First!

We are at a critical crossroads as a City, yet there are practical and affordable solutions that we can deliver now! Community Safety means keeping our streets safe, protecting people and property, while supporting those that need it. Affordable Housing is using the City's leverage and tools to support density, engage the private sector, and remove administrative roadblocks. Responsible Growth means providing the amenities, parks and facilities we need, the roads, bike lanes, trails, transit, water and wastewater necessary to support growth, being mindful that we need to spend wisely, be frugal, and live within our means. No debt being accumulated for future generations.