This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Indy Dhial

Independent for Kelowna Council
If elected, my focus would be to bring the voice of all of our communities to the table.

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I have been in Kelowna my entire life. I am a community leader, father, husband, small business owner and now running for city council to represent the community I grew up in.

My family moved to Kelowna when I was born and I’ve been involved in the community through sports my entire life. Whether that was coaching local school teams, managing and organizing my own teams, or hosting team events and tournaments, I have done it all. In addition to my volunteer involvement, I spent 16 years working at Shaw communications in corporate leadership working with small business owners, new development teams and investing in our communities. My most recent experience as small business owner in the childcare sector has shown me the resilience that we are going to need to succeed if we are going to create change in our city.

Reason for running

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Community safety, value or our tax dollars and accessible childcare are the core of my campaign.

I've lived in Kelowna my entire life and our city is growing faster than anyone could have expected. We are suffering growing pains that are effecting our quality of life and the rising cost of living here is creating issues that our families will face for years to come. We need to get to the root cause of the issues we are facing and change how we are doing things today. Shelter, support and direction for our vulnerable population, accessible childcare and youth programs for families and ensuring the high cost of living and tax dollars we are spending are going to the right place are the core of why i'm running for city council.