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Roy J Stewart

Independent for Prince George Mayor

Climate Change

Active Transportation

encourage electric public transportation.

Green Space

maintain and add to green spaces

Private Vehicles

create an electronic grid with charging stations.

Urban Heat

implement existing plans to reduce emissions, add green spaces

Housing & Homelessness

Property Taxes

Keep taxes down wherever possible.

Unhoused People

Provide a secure and safe place for the homeless as part of an overall program of treatment

Local Government & Democracy


Make government business open and transparent.

Public Engagement

Ensue that information about government and its processes is readily available to the public

Public Spaces & Services

Green Space

maintain and add to green spaces

Transit & Getting Around

Active Transportation

encourage electric public transportation.

Private Vehicles

create an electronic grid with charging stations.


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Brief Bio

Roy J Stewart, Q.C.

Settlor UNBC Land Trust 2021

Honorary Doctor of Law (UNBC) 2017

Director Prince George Symphony Society 2015-2021

President Prince George Symphony Society 2021-2022

President of Prince George Bar Association 2014-2015

Appointment as Queen’s Counsel April 2000

Citizen of the Year 1990

Canadian Bar Association Community Service Award for Cariboo 2001

President of Interior University Society 1989-1992

Chair UNBC Foundation 1992-1993

Chair of PG Bar Association committee for construction of new court house 1998

Co-Chair of Northern Health Care Committee 2000-2001

School Trustee School District No 57 1981-1988 and Chairman from 1984

Canadian Bar Association Cariboo Representative 1981-1987

Award from North Central Municipal Officer’s Association of BC 1989

Bachelor of Arts 1972

Bachelor of Law 1975

Roy Stewart, Q.C. practices law in Prince George. Roy Stewart became involved in public life by being elected as a School Board Trustee in 1981, and remained on that board until 1988. He was chair of the board from 1984. At the same time, he was the Canadian Bar Cariboo Representative on the Provincial Counsel from 1981 to 1987. In 1988 Roy Stewart joined the Interior University Society as a director, and became president of that ground-breaking society in 1989. He guided the Society until the University of Northern British Columbia was officially created by Act of the Legislature in 1992. The Provincial Government appointed him as the first president of the UNBC Foundation in 1992 for a three-year term. In 1998 Roy Stewart led a group of lawyers in their quest to have the new Court House developed in Prince George. It is a solid development in the Downtown area.

Roy Stewart, in private practise, was the solicitor for the City of Prince George for 20 years, until 2001. In that role Roy Stewart advised the City of Prince George on all matters. In addition, Roy Stewart acted as solicitor for the Regional District of Fraser Fort George, the District of Mackenzie and other local governments. Roy Stewart understands the role of local government, its powers, duties and responsibilities.

In 1992-1993 Roy Stewart, was chair of the Fund-Raising committee of UNBC, and developed a fund-raising plan, entitled North to the Future, which was presented to the Board and adopted by UNBC in 1993. The object of that plan was to create an endowment for academic positions and student support and enlisted the support of communities, colleges and business located primarily in North Central British Columbia

As a director and now as president of the PGSO, Roy Stewart makes it his mission to get the finances of that organization under control and to develop a legacy fund to stabilize income for the future. Roy Stewart believes the PGSO is the premiere cultural asset of the City of Prince George.

I am married with three children.

Reason for running

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I am passionate about the City of Prince George. The homeless, drug addicted, and mentally ill street people must be cared for and treated. Overruns on projects, lack of effective or responsive efforts by the City in regard to development, applications or rezoning and generally a non-existent can-do attitude impede the City. I want to make this City well known for its lifestyle, affordable housing, excellent educational institutions and green spaces. I want to gain consensus with City Council to reign in overspending and tax increases. I believe in openness in City Business and accountability of elected officials.