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Colleen Mahoney

Independent for Prince George Council
I care about this community. I want more accessable infrastructure for kids, parents, seniors and those with mobility challenges. I would like to make Prince George a more walkable and bikable community, with more trees and fewer broken water pipes.

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I came to Prince George as a Student to UNBC in 1998. I studied and completed a Forestry degree. I met my husband, my kids were born and I moved my parents here. I am an active community member.

Reason for running

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Prince George is a place with wonderfully kind people and a lot of aging infrastructure. I care about the community that my kids are growing up in. I would like to see more diversity of perspective in local government.

I would like to focus on sustainable development to help our community to adapt to increasing risks from flooding, fires, and urban heating. I want to see more investment in boring things like water and sewage infrastructure, sidewalks, urban green spaces and mixed use zoning. I would like to serve as an approachable person who can help make connections to solve problems as they come up within our community. I would strive to become an informed and curious member of our community council.