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Karen Muir

Independent for Prince George Council


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Hi! I'm Karen. I’m a single mom and a designated accountant, which I believe gives me unique skills & perspectives that are not represented right now, including financial management and those of a young professional and young family.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant, I have managed very large, complex operational budgets and capital projects. I also have expertise in internal controls and appropriate processes. I understand financial statements and cost reporting, and know the questions to ask to get the right information about budget variances or project status. 

Being a single mom to two little girls, I have experienced the desperate search for daycare, the frustration with limited community recreation, and managing the ever increasing costs of raising a family. Making our city better for future generations is a large part of what fuels my passion. 

I volunteer in the community with youth organizations and I am currently Treasurer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern BC. I moved to Prince George to do my Accounting degree at UNBC and also completed a minor in Economics.

Reason for running

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I am running because I am passionate about the opportunities for our city. I also think I have skills & perspectives that are missing and valuable at the council table.

Prince George needs to take action to become a vibrant city and stop accepting the status quo. Some of the key areas that need addressing are:


o  We need more affordable housing for all income levels and demographics

o  This needs to be done in a thoughtful way, rather than reactionary and with haste

o  New housing approvals need to be mindful of pressures to infrastructure and the costs of geographical expansion

o  Official Community Plan needs to be reviewed to ensure we are addressing housing and community needs sufficiently


o  Drastic, creative, and compassionate solutions are necessary to improve and revitalize our Downtown area

o  We need to engage stakeholders and other levels of government to ensure adequate & appropriate services to help stabilize struggling, vulnerable people

o  Incentivize residential and commercial activity in downtown, including multi-use properties and community events

o  Providing fulsome solutions to help the unhoused population will also have the benefit of improving safety in downtown and reducing crime

Community Recreation, Arts & Culture

o  Recreation, arts & culture are essential in a vibrant, healthy community

o  We need to invest in parks & green spaces, and sports & arts facilities despite there not being a clear or direct return on the investment. A vibrant city attracts much needed professions (health care workers, teachers, trades, etc) to our community and increases economic activity from residents and tourists. The momentum will keep building on itself and the benefits will only grow.

o  Encourage events, festivals & celebrations to foster community spirit and culture


o  We need to carefully consider the balance in our city between practical vehicular infrastructure, effective public transit, and safe infrastructure for bicycle traffic and pedestrians.

o  Changing populations and housing preferences requires a dynamic infrastructure response

o  Maintenance of infrastructure needs to be a priority for safety of residents and care of assets

Financial Management

o  To sustain operations and fund vibrancy, we need responsible and competent financial management

o  Creative but responsible solutions need to be utilized to stop the continuous increases to property taxes

o  We need someone at the table who understands capital projects, budgets, internal controls, and the right questions to ask