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Richard Cook

Independent for Prince George Council


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Born in Netherlands 1943. Immigrated to Canada 1950. Graduated Seneca College 1969 with diploma in Police Science. Graduated Simon Fraser University in 1973. Worked for various provincial ministries until 2002 when I retired.

Employment history includes the following: Police Officer, Probation Officer, Personnel Manager, Area Manager for Alcohol & Drug Services with specific interest in Prevention and Treatment, Area Manager for Advanced Education, Training & Technology.

Reason for running

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Interest in protecting the welfare of senior citizen citizens and their communities.
Interest in working on solutions for homelessness and drug addiction issues in our downtown.

Seniors need protection from intrusive loud sound activities that disrupt their community.

Homelessness is not the major issue but drug addiction is. We need to develop long term treatment and monitoring facilities. Developing prevention services in our secondary schools.