This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.
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BC's municipal elections were on October 15th, 2023.
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This election, I'm running VoteMate for only the 31 most populous municipalities. I run VoteMate as a labour of love, and 31 is already more work than a full-time job!

If you'd like to see VoteMate in more municipalities next time, you can support my work!

Municipal elections let you decide who runs your local government.

British Columbia runs elections for all its municipal governments once every four years. BC's next municipal elections are on 15 October, 2022.

City council

City council makes decisions on local bylaws, what buildings can go where, how services like garbage collection are run, and so on.

When you vote, you decide on who you want for mayor — the person who chairs city council meetings. You also pick multiple people to sit as city council as councillors. City council makes decisions through committees and majority vote.

You can see who's running for mayor and city council in your municipality here.

School board

School boards make dicisions about local schools. When you vote, you choose multiple people to sit as trustees on your local school board.

You can see who's running for your local school board here.