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Donna Sargent


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Public Education is the key to everything. With my knowledge, experience, integrity and passion I would be honoured to continue to work to ensure student success is the focus and their safety and wellbeing is at the forefront.

Donna Sargent has been a resident of Richmond for 35 years, married for 38 years and has two children and two wonderful grandchildren. Donna believes passionately in public education and that every child in Richmond is entitled to the very best education possible. She believes working closely through meaningful involvement with stakeholder partners is key to that success.

Completing her sixth term as a School Trustee, Donna’s extensive track record has given her a reputation of being a hard working, principle-centered and trustworthy team player.

Donna has also stood as a Director for the British Columbia Trustees Association (BCSTA) for eight years. Public Education is key to everything and it matters who sits on your Board of Education. Donna believes her knowledge, passion and integrity are needed to ensure decisions that are made will be in the best interest of students for they are what matters most.

Reason for running

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I believe more than ever the Richmond Board of Education needs strong, experienced and passionate Trustees and I would be honoured to continue in that role.