Heather Larson

REP for Richmond School Board (incumbent)

Safe, inclusive learning environments enable students to thrive socially, emotionally, academically and physically.

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Heather is currently serving her first term as School Trustee in Richmond. Prior to being elected, she worked for 19 years as an Education Assistant, Buyer, and Homestay Coordinator in the District.

Heather has used her broad experience to bring a unique perspective to the Board. She chaired the Education Committee and was actively involved on all Board standing committees including the District Strategic plan. She has been a representative on the District SOGI Advisory Committee, City of Richmond’s Child Care Development Advisory, Sister City and Council Board Liaison Committees. 

As a critical thinker with a strong work ethic, Heather continually seeks out new perspectives to help guide her decision making.

Heather aims to ensure effective communication between the Board and the community. She emphasizes the importance of accurate information being provided in a timely manner. 

She believes strongly in the importance of fostering connections across all parts of the District.

Reason for running

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Nineteen years as a District employee, and four years as a trustee. I was very involved as a parent volunteer K-12, and volunteered on many school and district committees over the 19 years as an employee and so much more. I have a broad perspective and with that a lot to offer.