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Chak Au

RCC for Richmond Council (incumbent)
If re-elected, I will continue supporting local small businesses and find creative ways to address the housing crisis, including the ‘rent-to-own’ programs. I will also commit to addressing climate change challenges and promoting intercultural harmony.

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Professionally trained as a family therapist and taught in universities; l immigrated from Hong Kong in 1988 and worked in Richmond Health Department for over 22 years. I was elected as Richmond School Trustee between 1999-2011 and City Councillor since 2011 to date. I strongly advocate for open and transparent government, civic engagement, public consultation, balanced development and racial/cultural harmony.

My motto is ‘Policy above politics’

My past records included voting to protect farmland, ban single-use plastics, increase affordable housing supply, densify industrial land supply, expedite the improvement of the dykes, restore the First Nations bunkhouse, rebuild Steveston Community Centre, prioritize stopping hate crime, and cut back property tax increases.