Sheldon Starrett

My vision to the policies presented by Richmond Community Coalition Association (RCCA) is that they are committed to addressing actionable solutions to matters affecting many residents in Richmond.

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Sheldon Starrett is a civil servant living and working in Richmond. He strongly believes in serving the community and public interest. He has served with Rotary Club, and also volunteered with non-profits and societies that promote civic engagement and good government.

Wine professional and consultant, Sheldon Starrett, brings different people together to share and cooperate.

One hundred years ago in 1922, ‘Friendly Fred’ Hume took his first step into politics when he was elected to New Westminster City Council at the time. He would go on to serve as Mayor of New Westminster between 1933-1942, and then Mayor of Vancouver from 1951-1958. A century later, Hume’s great grandnephew, Sheldon Starrett, has decided to start a new page in his life by running for Richmond City Council.

“I’ve always been passionate about the community and politics, I’ve been volunteering in election organizing since I was a student. I’ve advised and managed campaigns for several candidates over the last decade. Now I am moving from behind the scenes to step up to serve the public, aspiring to live up to the legacy of my great-great uncle, Mayor Fred Hume, and to use my experience to contribute to making life better for residents here in Richmond,” said Starrett.

Hume’s story of success has been inspirational, not only to Sheldon but also many others. Fred Hume worked hard from a young age, withdrawing from school, to support his family. He formed an electrical repair company, which went on to become the largest electrical contracting service provider in Western Canada. Hume’s switch to politics was a continuation of his service-over-self philanthropic approach, choosing a salary of one dollar a year and donating the rest to charity. The one value that he instilled in the family is, “do what you mean, and mean what you say”. Inspired by his great-great uncle’s spirit and philanthropy, Sheldon Starrett has always sought to stay true to his word, volunteer, and give back to the community.

Sheldon Starrett works for BC Liquor Distribution Branch as a Product Consultant. As a detail-oriented analyst on matters of wine, sake, and spirits from production to distribution, he brings an assiduous and analytical perspective to the work he does. This set of skills will make Sheldon a great asset to city council and the future of Richmond.

“Richmond needs more housing, transportation, and infrastructure solutions, however we can only achieve that if we have the foundation of a thriving local economy. Overall, I want Richmond to be a livable and sustainable city, where all residents have opportunities to work locally and raise their families. I would like to contribute to our inclusive, diverse, and harmonious inter-cultural mosaic that brings people of all backgrounds and faiths together,” Starrett explains.

A bottle of wine can bring people of different values and beliefs together, breaking down barriers and facilitating a spirit of camaraderie. Indeed, wine is about much more than what is in the bottle - it is about the sharing of stories. Whether it is stories among the company of friends, or about the wine's history and the people who make and handle the wine, it is the journey to finding commonality and coming together which is most important. “I am experienced at identifying the needs of each individual, and bringing different people together for collaboration and facilitating cooperation,” says Starrett. “That’s what we need in politics - less division; more coexistence and supporting the success and prosperity of the community.”

Reason for running

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Sheldon Starrett is running to represent a new approach at Richmond City Hall, one that is based on a commitment to straight answers and full accountability. His candidacy is based on one critical concept: 'do what you mean, and mean what you say'.

Sheldon believes that Richmond City Council has become detached from the matters that residents care about. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Council voted for the largest property tax hike in Metro Vancouver. Councillors completely ignored the realities facing many families and residents in Richmond, where the city had just lost over 17,500 jobs. More impacted by the tax increase were local businesses. Richmond Community Coalition conducted a public survey, which received over two-thousand responses.

Richmond needs a City Council that will listen to their concerns, understand their hardships, and work with local residents and businesses through consultation and engagement.

Richmond Community Coalition Association (RCCA) has committed to, 'solutions above politics'. In this spirit, the Richmond Community Coalition team has put forward a platform that takes measurable action to support the local economy, support local businesses and jobs, contribute to making Richmond a greener city, while advocating for sensible and fiscally prudent public safety. RCCA is committed to adopt the Richmond Community Protocol Responding to Racism & Hate.

Sheldon Starrett is running to represent a new approach at Richmond City Hall, where he is asking for your vote based on a commitment to straight answers and full accountability. He is not promising you the world, but he is guaranteeing that he will live up to his word as your City Councillor.

Please vote for Sheldon Starrett and the Richmond Community Coalition Association (RCCA) team on October 15.