Adil Awan

Independent for Richmond Council
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Adil Awan, Independent Candidate for Council

My family and I moved to Richmond in 1974. I've been an airline pilot for 38 years, and my last 22 years have been spent flying for FedEx Express Airline. I have also been a Realtor and Property Manager for Century 21 for the past 8 years. I attended Quilchena Elementary, J.N. Burnett and then Richmond Senior Secondary High School. I enjoy camping, biking, hiking and classic cars. I also play baseball and curling in my free time. Committed to community service, I have volunteered at the Richmond Food Bank and homeless shelters around B.C. I have had the pleasure of living and working in Richmond almost my entire life, and I've seen Richmond see many changes.

​I remember the old Richmond when the main roads still had ditches, Richmond Centre was called Richmond Square, the Park Tower Buildings were the only towers you could see for miles, and the city was technically a township. Richmond has changed over the years. The population of Richmond has skyrocketed over the years and there’s no wondering why. Richmond is a great place to live, work, run a business and raise a family.

​With an increase in population, there is an increase in demand for housing and infrastructure, as well as safety and security. Richmond continues to grow, but now we need to make sure that growth is feasible, suitable and responsible.

​It’s time for fresh ideas and a new outlook. Let's work together and elect a new council that will work for YOU!

Once I am elected to Richmond City Council, I will donate 50% of my net councillor salary to a new foundation called 'We Care for Richmond" This money will be donated on behalf of Richmond residents for grants and to families or individuals who need it the most.


 - Adil Awan, Independent Candidate for Richmond City Council

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Vote for change, Vote for AWAN

Fiscal, responsible and accountable government means that we must make way for new people and new ideas.

I will work to offer equitable and transparent government, working for YOU and with YOU!

I will listen to the community, so your voice is represented at Richmond City Council.