Susan Ames

Independent for Kelowna Council
My policies are focused on increasing the livability of Kelowna . My goal is to take a breath with the excessive development to ensure we have the infrastructure to handle it and that we are managing the city so it works for everyone.

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Susan Ames has over 30 years experience as an environmental consultant, recently in the mining industry. She has a PhD with a focus on climate change, an MSc, and a BSc.

As an environmental consultant, Susan has carried out numerous impact analyses, written and reviewed technical reports, and developed long range plans. 

Susan has been the President of the Kelowna South Central Association of Neighborhoods (KSAN) since 2020 and in that capacity and before that has reviewed city zoning, the 2040 Official Community Plan, numerous projects in Kelowna, and has presented at many public hearings. Susan has participated in 4 forums related to the 2040 OCP, the Future of Kelowna Tourism workshop Nov. 2021, the Destination Development Community Workshop February 2022, the RCMP Community Safety Survey and attended the workshop June 2021, and the block Connector CoP Social Development Session June 2022. Susan also is an advocate for heritage conservation.

Reason for running

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Kelowna is unaffordable, has a high crime rate, has a homeless issue, has traffic congestion, and we are losing our green space. We don't have the infrastructure for all of this development. We haven't planned for climate change.

I want to work on these issues. I will bring knowledge, technical awareness, and a good understanding of environmental sustainability, community, and social issues to the council table gained through my extensive enviromental consulting experience, my academic background, from my active participation in my neighbourhood association and community issues, my active participation in projects in the city, from my extensive experience in public hearings before Kelowna city council, and my numerous interactions with city staff and council over several years. I understand how the city council works. I will be able to ask the right questions and make sure we have environmental/climate change, social, and infrastructure impact assessments when we are making decisons. I will work on policies that will increase public participation and will listen to the public.