Rick Webber

Independent for Kelowna Council

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With my father being in the Canadian Armed Forces, I lived on various air force bases across Canada as a child. I graduated from high school and began my career in broadcasting in 1976 in Summerside, PEI.

After attending the University of PEI, I moved to BC, and began covering city council as a radio reporter on the coast. After working in radio and tv stations in various BC markets, I moved to Kelowna and joined CHBC/Global Okanagan in 1990. I retired in 2019 after 43 years in the media.

Reason for running

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After bringing news into Kelowna homes as a broadcaster over several decades, I would like to continue working for the community in a public service capacity.

I started covering municipal council meetings as a reporter over forty years ago. As a candidate, I understand how our system of government works. I am also an independent candidate with no ties to industry, civic political parties, or third-party sponsors. In order to avoid collecting donations, during this election campaign my expenditures will remain under the $2,500 a candidate is allowed to use of their own money under current election laws.

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