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Tristan Mitchell

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Tristan Mitchell is an Island paramedic and 911 communications officer. He is an involved member of his community through the Paramedic Association of PEI and Dying with Dignity Canada. He has also traveled around the world, and taught English in Cambodia.

“As a paramedic and proud advocate of Universal Public healthcare, I see the problems in our healthcare system that need to be fixed and made a priority. I know the names and faces of dozens of paramedics, dispatchers, nurses, physicians, RCWs and other frontline workers who have been facing years of crisis. I know and hear their struggle, and believe that all of us, including the family, friends & neighbours we serve daily, deserve better” says Mitchell.

“As one of the youngest candidates in the provincial election, I have been personally affected by challenges like the housing shortage, stagnant low wages, rising food costs, student debt, inflation, & climate change that are hindering our economic growth and preventing hard working Islanders from securing a stronger and successful future.

I’m going to knock on doors and hear from my community about their ideas and concerns so we can make the Island a better place for all. I believe that it’s the Island New Democrats and Michelle Neill who will fight for a better deal for everyday people.”

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