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Ali Tootian

Independent for Coquitlam Council


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Dr. Ali Tootian is a high school teacher at Coquitlam and is dedicated to helping youth, young adults, and seniors with their lifestyle and success plan. He is an environmentalist, who is concerned about the lack of proper infrastructure in his city. We should keep Coquitlam safe

Ali believes Coquitlam loses business and revenue to other cities such as Vancouver because it cannot attract people to spend their time here. Young adults have almost nothing to do in Coquitlam, seniors spend time in the middle of the Coquitlam Mall for a reason, and indoor facilities for sports, music, and entertainment is very limited. The fast-growing Coquitlam and its density are concerns among families. Environmental issues are getting more serious, and the previous/current plans for housing have not made homes affordable. There is a need for a review according to proper research by local organizations or individuals. The city is not connected to the residents and is not collecting their opinion and data. It is time for a change and to hear new voices.

Reason for running

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I hear people, search for the answer to their questions, and deliver the answers. I want Coquitlam to be safe and to hear the sound of birds. The people of Coquitlam should enjoy their life without concerns about the home, road, pool, crowded core, security, and entertainment.

I will advocate for indoor sports facilities, music and gathering arenas, senior clubs, and entertainment centers for the rainy months of Coquitlam. I will encourage the City to count on the local research groups and individuals for environmental projects instead of big companies and third parties. I will recommend proper surveys to be distributed to collect the accurate opinions of residents on what they like to see in the city. I will cooperate with the Mayor and the Council on the affordable housing projects and plans where we stay open and flexible to meet the needs of the people. It is one step at a time, but it is time to offer life besides homes to Coquitlam residents.