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Geoffrey was born in Burnaby, and lives in Coquitlam. He was an all-star athlete during high school, became University educated, and is an award winning screenwriter. He now works as a Managing Director, Investor, Business Analyst, and most importantly a Father to three boys.


Geoffrey and his family live in Coquitlam, BC.  They love spending time outdoors, and you can find them enjoying the many parks and trails spanning our beautiful city.

Business, Arts & Culture

Geoffrey was educated in Business and Fine Arts. He began his career in the film industry, shifted into technology, and has been a successful business owner for 15 years. As an active entrepreneur and investor, Geoffrey attributes his achievements to personal motivation and quality of education.

Reason for running

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I want more transparency and parent involvement in our education system.
With your vote I can add some financial, administrative, and common sense to the SD43 Board of Trustees.

As a Parent witnessing the politics surrounding our public education, I am concerned about the detrimental effect on our kids. Schools should be a safe place to learn and grow, where our culture and values are celebrated. 

I believe that:

  • Parents are the primary stakeholder in our children’s education, and 
  • positive results, in business and life, come from wise and deliberate attention to detail

With a sincere effort in heart and mind I believe that we, as Parents and Grandparents, can successfully restore the academic well-being of our public institutions for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.