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Carl Trepanier

Independent for Coquitlam Council

Misc. topics


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I served in the Canadian Military for 11 years in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserves.

My City of Coquitlam service includes:

-         9 years on Sports and Recreation Advisory Committee

-         3 years on the City of Coquitlam 125th Anniversary Committee

I have Volunteered with:



Operation Red Nose

Canadian Diabetes Association

Glen Street Fire Victims Assistance Group

I have been active in the community in many ways including:

-         7 years on the executive of the Coquitlam Sharks Aquatic Club including terms as President, Vice President, Past President and Fundraising Chair. I was responsible for bringing the BC Summer Swimming Provincial Championships to Coquitlam in 2013 and 2016 which created $2 million in economic activity for our City each time it was held here

-         Regional Director BC Summer Swimming Association

-         Swim competition coordinator for the 55+ Games in Coquitlam

Reason for running

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I have a deep connection with Coquitlam. I want to play a role in managing growth to protect our environment, neighbourhoods, green spaces and access to community services. I am a passionate advocate for sport, fitness and recreation for all ages and abilities.


-         Ensure we have a mix of housing options consistent with our neighbourhoods and suitable for growth

-         Ensure below market and Rent-To-Own options are a part of future development plans

-         Factor transportation, geography and amenities into development to achieve the best fit for the neighbourhood

-         Respect the environment and natural surroundings of neighbourhoods in development

-         Concentrate density near transit and in proximity to major arterials

-         Follow the findings of the Coquitlam Housing Needs Report to create 18,000 new housing units by 2031, with 5,500 of those being 3+ bedroom dwellings


-         With 30 years’ experience obtaining government funding for BC businesses I will work to access Provincial and Federal funding for priority items

-         Continue to work with developers to provide amenities such as child care spaces in new builds

-         Coquitlam needs more health care professionals including Family Doctors. We can use the relationship with developers to create health and medical office space in new builds

-         Work with medical providers to attract Family Doctors and Health Care providers to Coquitlam. My goal is to bring 10 new Family Doctors to Coquitlam in the next 6 years

-         Respect taxpayers dollars when setting taxes and fees. I will work to maintain the balance between affordable access and quality services


-         Improve traffic patterns and safety features to keep commuting and working vehicles moving efficiently while ensuring our neighbourhoods are safe for walking, cycling and family traffic

-         Improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure

-         Increase the number of charging stations for electric vehicles

-         Push for expanded West Coast Express service


-         Ensure new facilities for sport and recreation are properly sized and equipped to meet the long term needs of our community

-         Begin work on a new Master Plan for Sports, Recreation, Parks and Culture. The current Plan is almost 10 years old and ends at 2029

-         Continue to attract and support Cultural Diversity in our City

-         Continue to attract cultural festivals and events through promotion of the Town Center area

-         Improve parking, lighting and safety at Town Center Field

-         Modernize and expand Planet Ice


-         Reduce delays caused by the need for multiple Council decisions to approve new businesses

-         Continue to ensure business tax rates are competitive with other Cities

-         Maintain the quality infrastructure and amenities that make Coquitlam a great place to do business

-         Take advantage of Coquitlam’s proximity to major arterial routes to attract new businesses

-         Attract small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) to Coquitlam. SME’s account for over 80% of all employees in Canada


-         Work to achieve the Greenhouse Gas reduction targets in our Environmental Sustainability Plan

-         Protect green spaces and the tree canopy

-         Work to increase awareness of green waste and recycling programs to reduce waste heading for the landfill

-         Increase availability of charging stations and charging infrastructure

-         Work with other levels of government to ensure our streams and waterways are kept clean and vibrant


-         Align the City of Coquitlam with the goals of local Indigenous Peoples

-         Work to continue the relationship we have with the Kwikwetlam First Nation to achieve its stated priorities regarding infrastructure, land use and commercial opportunities

I am guided by the principles of Respect, Recognition and Reconciliation