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Rob Bottos

Independent for Coquitlam Council
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"Coquitlam has been my home since my family moved here in 1978. I have been a lifetime volunteer and contributor to our community through service organizations, community task forces, and civic advisory committee work. I am committed to Coquitlam, and our future."

Rob graduated from Coquitlam’s Centennial Secondary and went on to obtain a BA in history from The University of Western Ontario. Since his return to Coquitlam, Rob has always been an active volunteer in supporting his community.

Over the years he has served as a Scout Leader, Little League Baseball Coach, and both executive and volunteer for Coquitlam’s Royal Canadian Legion Branch #263. 

Rob has been a citizen member of the Tri-Cities Homelessness and Housing Task Force for the past year, an issue near and dear to his heart. In addition, he has served on the City of Coquitlam’s Universal Access-Ability Advisory Committee for the past five years, helping to ensure a more inclusive City for residents with both physical and mental challenges.

Leading up to the election Rob worked as a manager with a major retailer in Coquitlam. Rob spent more than a decade as a life skills worker helping special needs adults in the Tri-Cities and North Shore area. Over the years, Rob has been a Union member, and has been both an activist and leader in those organizations.

In addition, Rob is an entrepreneur who since 2007 has organized a three-day convention attracting visitors from all over the world to the region and who also plans and leads historical tours to European destinations. With his diverse background - as a worker and union member, as a manager, and as an entrepreneur - Rob can look at civic issues considering multiple perspectives – not just one viewpoint.

Reason for running

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We face a time of unprecidented growth in our community. We must decide if we are content to be a bedroom community for other Metro communities or if we want to be a thriving and dynamic city in our own right.

Housing and Development

Development in Coquitlam must focus on complete affordable neighborhoods. While affordable housing is important, so is the infrastructure and services to support our growing population. Our policies must meet both existing and emergent challenges including climate change to ensure our growth is sustainable.

Economic Development

One challenge in growing a community is to ensure that along with infrastructure and services, we have good jobs in the community. Support for small business is key to creating real opportunities for Coquitlam residents to live and work here, in their neighborhoods.

Transit and Roads

In order to maintain our quality of life the City must ensure that transportation planning serves our growing citizenry. This includes transit options, roadways and walking/cycling corridors.

Our transportation infrastructure needs can be further achieved by ensuring that people can live, work, and play in Coquitlam, reducing demand on commuting corridors to neighboring municipalities.

Mental Health Services

The City must continue work closely with the provincial and federal governments to bring attention to this issue and find a result that benefits all members of our community. Lack of resources to treat drug addiction and mental illness is impacting our community quality of life; that impact extends beyond those directly impacted, to their loved ones and the community at large.

Sports and Recreation

One of the best things about living in Coquitlam is our excellent sporting, park, and recreational facilities and services. We cannot be complacent and as we grow our population and our population ages and becomes more diverse, our facilities and services must keep pace.