Basil Langevin

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I pride myself on bringing a collaborative approach to all my work. Through my role as Executive Director of an LGBT nonprofit for 8 years, I’ve developed a unique ability to bring people together despite their differences.

I know that the challenges facing our community and broader world are complex: there are no simple solutions to addressing most of the issues we need to tackle. I find great value in embracing complexity. Everyone has something valuable to share, and I believe that our best leaders are listeners above all else.

I love Saanich, and I want to do everything I can to make it better. As someone deeply involved in environmental restoration, diversity and inclusion work, and community advocacy, I know much our collective work can make a difference.

Our communities must have leaders from various backgrounds and experiences: leaders who truly care about their communities and who put others first.

That’s why I’m running for Saanich Council. I hope you’ll join me in making our amazing community an even better place to live!

Reason for running

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COVID-19, heatwaves, floods, and skyrocketing housing costs have underscored the challenges facing our society. I'm running to bring forward bold, innovative approaches that will make life better for everyone.