Mark Neufeld

Collaboration and community building. I’ve always valued talking with folks that might not necessarily politically agree with me and finding common ground. I hope my politically-inclusive support speaks to this.

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Meet Mark! Teacher, coach, husband & father who has served the community of Saanich for the better part of 30 years

Mark lives in on the edge of Cordova Bay with his wife and two sons. With a MSc. in Interdisciplinary he has been a teacher with Saanich School District #63 since 1992. Currently he also is a part-time instructor at UVic’s Faculty of Education. Mark has been involved in community politics since he was voted vice-president of UVic’s Student Society and also served as a Parks and Recreation commissioner in Area B of the CRVD.

Reason for running

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Mark is motivated by his students and his two sons. He has spent his lifetime searching for innovative solutions to global challenges and he always started with a community approach. Now it’s time to serve on council in the community where he has always served as a leader.

In choosing to run as a Saanich councillor, he’s decided it’s time to engage in a more official capacity. Mark believes that solving complex challenges starts with strong local communities. Saanich stands out among Canadian municipalities; it could stand as an example for the rest of the world. Please send Mark to Saanich Council to do this good work. Make Mark ONE of your choices for council.