Art G Pollard

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I am a single family home owner, divorced, widowed, without kids. I enjoy gardening, golfing, community activism, free lance writing, speech coaching, public speaking. Retired in 2018 from BC Ferries, I returned to work at Save on foods during the pandemic.

I felt lonely as did many people. I saw how our retail and front line workers were suffering and employers were lacking reliable staff. I saw a need to help out and have been doing that for two years. I also ran a part time landscaping business and served as a Deputy returning officer during the last Federal election. I am also working on a book as well.

After a health scare, I determined that I would put my name out there once more after having run in 2018. I am open and approachable, a good listener and someone who will find the answers to the probing questions. I am diplomatic and appreciate all points of view and welcome the opportunity to find evidence based solutions to the issues that face us in Saanich.

Reason for running

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I have the community experience 45 years with a myriad of non profits.
I have the educational background with a BA in Political science and formal business training.
I have municipal committee experience.
I have Community association experience.

I understand peoples needs and am a good listener of all points of view. I am open minded and make decisions based on evidence not hyperbole or partisanship.