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Fred Haynes

Independent for District of Saanich Mayor (incumbent)
I am asking for a 2nd term as Mayor to complete critical work already begun. Despite the pandemic, we have made record progress addressing the big issues of today. I am passionate about building a vibrant, more sustainable Saanich, with housing and opportunities for all generations.

My approach to getting things done is to act as a catalyst, convener and consensus builder. So much is achieved when key community members, staff and stakeholders come together. I work to support them on our common goals. That's how we solve problems.

I am an action oriented, people person. I've had the honour of working with, and being endorsed by, community leaders from a large cross-section of Saanich.

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Fred is the Mayor of Saanich.
He's a martial artist with a Ph.D in diabetes research which he did at U of T on a Commonwealth scholarship. He's worked as a teacher, a researcher and an entrepreneur. He grew up in a blue collar family in England and also lived in Japan for several years.

Fred, his wife and three sons moved to Saanich 20 years ago, when he jumped into volunteering in his local community association. He took on an increasing level and diversity of local community issues and was asked by others in 2014 to run for Saanich Council. He ran successfully on a slogan of "New ideas and a Fresh Approach".

In his first year on Council Fred won an award for “Political Leadership Supporting Housing Affordability, Policy Review and Regulatory Reform”. In addition he was recognized by the Co-op Housing Federation of BC for his work on coop housing.

After his first, term on Council Fred ran successfully for Mayor of Saanich, on a slogan of "Expect More".

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