Bianca Chu

People. It's not about me, but championing what people want.

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Local Government & Democracy

Public Engagement

More accessible, inclusive engagement for more people in different ways (digital, translated etc) to support more people

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Hi! Nice to meet you.
I’m Bianca — a community builder, helper, connector and longtime resident of Saanich. I’m running for council because I’m passionate about more accessible communities, making a difference, and I want to be a voice for people who call Saanich home.

Key Priorities (of many, because let's be honest, the world is on fire)

  • Accessible, affordable housing
  • Preserving our unique environment
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Inclusive, diverse engagement -
  • Safer roads & neighbourhoods
  • Vibrant community spaces

But who is she?

Background: Bianca’s family immigrated to Canada from Taiwan in the early 90’s, and settled in North Delta. Her parents were small business owners who instilled a strong sense of giving back to the community and promoted a “think global, act local” attitude. She moved to the island in 2009 for school, and has lived in Saanich (in 6+ rentals throughout Saanich) ever since. She talked about Saanich so much, her family decided to follow her over too.

- shoutout to Mom & Dad who made volunteering as a family second nature. Big 'love Saanich' energy

Experience: Currently works as a public servant to support the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation. Worked 10+ years for UVic. Has experience working in partnership development (business and community orgs), youth programming, event organization, education, cross-cultural relationship development, amateur sports, volunteer management, hospitality, arts & culture.

- understands how to work with TONS of different types of people from ALL backgrounds and how to relate to them. She can learn things quickly, balance competing priorities, and help people solve problems...all while making it fun :)

Academic background: Sociology (Health & Aging), Political Science (Gender & International Relations) and Business. -

which means she understand people, culture, systems, and how to get things done

Volunteering: Served as the President of the Board of Directors for Intrepid Theatre Company; Board director for Pathright Youth Society; International liaison for Women’s Rugby Sevens teams for Australia, Japan, and China; Director for Bureau of Sociology Students; Leader in the first mandarin-speaking Scouts troop in Canada; Fundraising Chair for Merry & Bright; and coordinator for Camp Y2K.

- Understand serving the community, budgets, working with volunteer/ professional staff, adapting and making people not from here welcome, understand the challenges that families and youth face and the importance of education, understand how important inclusive art/ culture is to the community

Reason for running

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I believe in diversification and inclusivity. Different ideas, approaches, lived experiences make healthier, stronger teams. I want to offer people a voice that hasn't existed before on council - as the only woman of colour (and younger) - maybe I could be just that.