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Peter Lee

Independent for Nanaimo Council


submitted by the candidate or their team
I have been a Nanaimoite for 13 years. I am grateful to be a part of our wonderful community and live among our beautiful nature. I play saxophone in jazz combos, volunteer as a tutor for underprivileged youths, and participate in invasive plant pulls around the city.

My Values

Integrity — I believe in sticking to my word and promises. As your city councillor, I will champion responsible governance and honest communication.

Hard work — I believe that there is great value in determination and drive. As your city councillor, I will strive to implement and actualise the 2022 City Plan.

Efficiency — I believe in prioritising solutions that have the highest benefit and lowest cost. As your city councillor, I will fight for fiscal responsibility and the most efficient use of your tax dollars.

Collaboration — I believe in the power of listening and consensus-building. As your city councillor, I will collaborate with socioeconomic and environmental interests to find solutions that draw from expert knowledge and proven experience.

Giving back — I believe in gratitude and doing my part to better the lives of people around me. I am running to serve the city that has given me so much.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
I want to move Nanaimo forward – with a fresh pair of eyes to address our current issues, and to have a comprehensive vision for a more liveable future.

Public Safety

Everyone has a right to feel safe in their homes and on the streets. We need to reclaim our confidence to work, live, and play in safety by tackling violent and property crime.

As city councillor, I will:

  • Reclaim downtown through increased police presence
  • Improve street lighting to deter criminal activity
  • Install video surveillance at crime hot-spots
  • Tackle nuisance properties with targeted bylaw enforcement
  • Establish a registry for goods over $500 to aid recovery in case of theft
  • Collaborate with correctional and community services to provide lasting restorative justice

Sustainable and Fair Growth

Nanaimo’s growth should be sensible and inclusive. Future economic development should be sustainable, smart, and forward-looking.

As city councillor, I will:

  • ​Create a comprehensive extreme weather response strategy
  • Encourage the use of public transport through service expansion
  • Support pragmatic, strategic, and sensible bike infrastructure
  • Expand pedestrian infrastructure in high-traffic areas
  • Protect ecologically-sensitive areas within the city from development
  • Evaluate new city policies through a sustainable lens

Housing and Homelessness

Nanaimo’s housing options are increasingly mismatched with people’s incomes. Our city needs more affordable market and non-market housing for people experiencing homelessness.

As city councillor, I will:

  • Encourage high-density residential and mixed-use zoning near transport hubs
  • Support more efficient land use in existing neighbourhoods
  • Fast-track zoning decisions regarding high-density developments
  • Explore the viability of rent-to-own developments
  • Mandate a minimum proportion of rental units in large future residential developments
  • Collaborate with the province to build more non-market housing
  • Work with non-profits to provide integrated services for people experiencing homelessness

Collaborative Governance

Good governance and strategic collaboration is essential to Nanaimo’s future. Working together for Nanaimo’s social and economic interests will unlock our city’s full potential.

As city councillor, I will:

  • Address the needs of citizens through clear communication and prompt consultation
  • Work with local businesses to create a business-friendly city
  • Strengthen our working relationship with the province to deliver healthcare and housing
  • Collaborate with local non-profits to provide integrated services for the vulnerable
  • Respect relations between the City and First Nation governments