Viraat Thammanna

Independent for Nanaimo Council

Climate Change

Active Transportation

* Smart and user friendly public transportation routes and timings.
* Networking for Carpool and Rideshare initiatives
* Safe and better accessibility for walkers, bicycle riders and specially abled people

Transit & Getting Around

Active Transportation

* Smart and user friendly public transportation routes and timings.
* Networking for Carpool and Rideshare initiatives
* Safe and better accessibility for walkers, bicycle riders and specially abled people

Misc. topics


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With Bachelors of commerce and post Bachelors in Business Operation Management, I have been a successful Corporate Executive Management professional, Significantly contributed for the growth of companies for 14 years. Later joined Canadian Forces with passion to serve my country

I traveled to Canada for the first time in 1988 while I was cycling around the world to create awareness about the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addiction amongst youth. I returned to Vancouver BC., during 1992 to attain higher education in a post-bachelor’s business operations management on scholarship. Love to practice gratitude, I wanted to give back. I sought out meaningful experiences, things I could advocate for, be a part of, and represent front and center.

I rope skipped across BC to create awareness on the importance of health and fitness for mind & body and 1994 Commonwealth Games for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon and 1994 Commonwealth Games Organization in Victoria, BC. Then I started my management career with McDonalds, and moved onto Canadian Pacific Hotels, Holiday Inn, Group4 Securitas, and Nortel. Later joined Canadian Forces to serve the country and world with pride. Media clippings can be seen by clicking on Achievement in my website

I have a family consisting of my wife, a son and daughter. Wife is working, she is an Electronic Document Management System specialist heading the department in a large scale Engineering company. Daughter is Psychologist in making and son is Medical Professional in making.

Reason for running

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Nanaimo being one of the top 5 fastest growing city in Canada and gateway to Vancouver Island, I see great potential. New city council require leadership skills with zeal, energy and willingness to help council to work hard and smart for efficient & effective local governance.

With my target of having release with honor from Canadian Forces when I reach 50, I had the choice of going back to work for singular gain, or to give back to the communities where I live. I gracefully chose to give back with contentment in my heart. I reorganized my finances efficiently and effectively to ensure I could maintain a happy medium between both. Over the last 4 years I have been unconditionally volunteering full-time for the betterment of society, environment, everyone from youth to seniors through various boards, committees and not for profit organisations. Please feel free refer to my facebook profile and postings.

I work hard to give back at full capacity, using my knowledge and abilities for the positive transformation of our community and beyond. I am looking forward to serving the city full-time as a city councilor without conflicts of interests, and no personal business ownership. My existing financial stability will allow me to give all energy and devotion to shared goals of the community.

Working with Provincial Mental Health to solve addiction issues, mental illness and make our city safe again.

Unifying all levels of government to work for affordable housing, Co-op housing, special needs housing and measures to prevent homelessness.

Steps to reducing red taps, time taken to process rezoning application, issuing building permits and legalizing basement suits to help shortage of housing and rentals. 

Pursuing Ministry of Health to resolve shortage of Family Doctors and Medics.

Collaborating with seniors in our communities for their comforts and quality of life.

Identifying child and youth needs, providing opportunity for growth with life skills.

Supporting local businesses for better economy and local farmers for food security & sustainability.

Balanced strategies for infrastructure, environmental, economical developments and constant collective efforts for efficient & effective local Governance.

Responsible spending with a well-balanced budget and work towards Reliability Accountability, Transparency in all stages of city operations.

Including everyone in community for discussion on planning, focusing on public safety and safe neighborhoods.

Enhancing consciousness of mental and physical health through "Walk with Doctors" program for the diverse population in Nanaimo.

Exploring options on mandates for new buildings, condo and townhouse developments to have onsite grey water treatment unit to reuse grey water to garden, lawn and flush toilet.

Stage by stage planting of flowering & fruit trees by side walks, through-out city to provide shade for side walk users, especially needed during hot summers (food for people, animals, birds and bees).

Exploring ways to encourage social activities, shows, local markets, in downtown with inclusiveness of local talent, music, arts and culture for spreading the good vibes around.

Collaborate for the wellness of Snuneymuxw first nations.