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Norm Smith

Independent for Nanaimo Council

Housing & Homelessness


We need more affordable housing - our standards, not Vancouver's
I believe that the tiny home project could be beneficial in Nanaimo

Property Taxes

We need to stop the spending spree current council is on using taxpayer's money.

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Treatment Programmes

We need more treatment programs and facilities where persons with mental health and addiction issues can go to get assistance.
Use existing facilities in the province (2 provincial youth detention centres with 140 beds and 11 inmates) - convert into treatment centres

Public Safety & Policing

Non-Police-Based Public Safety

Community Policing Program needs to be expanded and used to its fullest potential


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I am a retired RCMP Unit Commander with 31 years of service. 25 years here in Nanaimo. I am very active in the community. I am married with 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren (all of whom live in Nanaimo).

Reason for running

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As a former police officer, I am concerned about the rise in crime and the concern of our citizens over feeling afraid in their own homes and when they travel around town. I want to bring common sense back when dealing with taxes and out of control spending by council