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Vernon Lord

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Husband to Janet and Father to 4 wonderful children, IBEW electrician who owned and operated a successful marine electrical contracting business for 20 years. Currently live in a bungalow in the Saanich Panhandle which we own. Active in local politics and current treasurer of the Camosun Community Association.

I grew up in Southern Ontario and like so many at the time moved to Calgary after High School to start my IBEW electrical apprenticeship. I returned to London, ON after 15 yrs to enroll in Fanshawe College, Electrical Controls Technologist program. I met Janet and we started our family, good times.

Upon graduating employment was difficult as the country was in a recession. I was offered employment in the States and I took it. That opportunity turned into 20+ years with most of the time spent as the owner of a 15+ person electrical marine contracting business.

We moved to Saanich about 8 years ago for two reasons: (1) to come back home and (2) to allow our 2 youngest children a Canadian Perspective. I stood for Council in 2018 and I am standing again for the same reasons; I love this community and feel I have something to offer, to bring some sensible mature conversation to the table, to always respect the taxpayer and listen to all voices. With your support we can make that happen. I currently work for a government contractor providing electrical support to the RCN. I would also like to say that should I be fortunate enough to win a seat that I would serve with transparency and integrity.

Reason for running

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I am not running to further my political career, push any political ideology or work to re-imagine Saanich. Quite frankly I like Saanich as is. I am proud of what we have made here together and excited to be apart of our future.

I am proud of our climate change award, Kings Nature Space purchase, continuing to reduce our Oil Tank furnaces, allowing Garden Homes and secondary suites, so many others. Do we have work to do going forward on Land Use, Active Transportation, Green Space, protecting our farmers from crop damage, additional ice rink, strengthening our OCP/LAP's, modern street parking policy, etc. yes of course we do. It will not be easy but I have never shied away from hard work or challenges. Some of these changes will be contentious and let me say that I will always listen to all voices every time, I will stand with and for the residents of Saanich.