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Richard Stewart

Independent for Coquitlam Mayor (incumbent)


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Richard has the ideal background, knowledge & experience for his role. A lifelong Coquitlam resident, he knows this community extremely well, with the leadership and vision we need. His supportive and consensus-building approach supports outstanding decision-making & collaboration with Council, staff, residents/community groups.

His background is innovative/affordable housing. Founding chair, Society for Housing Affordability BC, member of BC Minister's Advisory Council on Affordable Housing, worked two decades on housing standards/Codes (BC & nationally), & housing consultant to Prov Govt, drafting regs for builder licensing, consumer protection. Also chaired National Housing Economic Research Council (Ottawa), & chaired Metro Vancouver's Housing & Regional Planning Committees, has the knowledge to guide Council through the housing challenges this region faces.

Coquitlam's successful Housing Affordability Strategy is recognized across the region, with more rental housing & most affordable housing percapita in region.

Richard is proud of our new parks/amenities, transportation improvements, traffic safety initiatives, successful crime prevention strategy, economic development. And awards for GHG-reduction strategy, energy management, district energy, urban forestry, parks/green spaces, financial budgeting, environmental stewardship, heritage conservation, urban forestry, outstanding public spaces. 

Richard succeeded in securing Skytrain to Coquitlam; now seeking more transportation options. He’s an avid commuter cyclist.

Richard wants Coquitlam to be a welcoming/inclusive community; he was honoured with MOSAIC Human Rights Award for inclusion.

A longtime mental health advocate, he successfully pushed for repurposing of two of Riverview’s buildings for mental health, & 2 large new mental illness/addiction facilities. Richard founded Mayors for Mental Health, an advocacy group on how mental illness affects cities - policing, housing, etc.