Jacques Blackstone

Independent for Maple Ridge Mayor
Too many taxes, too much control, let the people be and leave them alone. Reduce gov bureaucracy and red tape. It needs to start at the grassroots level and work it's way up

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Maple Ridge is truly the last untouched bastion in the lower mainland. I would like to see our beautiful community become something that no other jurisdiction has, looks like, and not become another carbon copy. We have an opportunity to create a unique municipality and be the destination of the lower mainland. I think outside the box and with frugality in mind, I can't promise, but my target is to also leave Maple Ridge in a financial surplus when my term is done.

I'm not a politician, I run a business, I'm like you. I've made a decision to throw my hat in the ring to try and be that proverbial 'change' we all seek. I have a vision, and with my work as mayor, I hope to inspire other Canadians to run in 2025 in their local jurisdictions and get involved with government at the grass roots level.

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My interest in becoming mayor is to have access to new gov policies and changes, and be the megaphone to the people so to to inform people of what is going on. I have aspirations that after mayor, I wish to run for premier of BC with a new political party.

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