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Yvonne Desabrais

Independent for Maple Ridge School Board

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Having recently become a Nohkom (grandma) I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family. My grandchild is a large part of why I am being part of the change I would like to see in the world in hopes of improving things for my future grandchildren and all children.

In this world of many Peoples, I believe we have an amazing opportunity right now to improve things for our future generations by respectfully working together.

As your School Trustee my goal is to continue to be inclusive and continue to identify and work to address gaps in our system.

  • expand and improve the school food program for students and families
  • address discrimination, racism issues and challenges
  • be a voice for minorities that don’t feel heard and be an ally for all
  • work to ensure our schools are safe spaces for all students to learn and grow in our school district.