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Kim Dumore

Independent for Maple Ridge School Board (incumbent)


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Kim Dumore is proud to be a resident of Maple Ridge, having spent 2 decades raising her family and making opportunities to work, volunteer and enjoy leisure here. Kim has an extensive background in running her family business, before she turned her attention to working in non-profit agencies locally, as well as serving her current term as an SD42 Trustee.

Kim leads her life with children and youth as her focus. Both her career and volunteer roles prioritize youth wellness, education and engagement. Kim feels strongly that youth need to be present at the table so their voices may be heard directly. Kim works hard to connect with youth, while also working collaboratively with the other adults at the table. Kim has gained tremendous experience as Trustee and feels she has much more to accomplish in her second term. A vote for Kim Dumore is a vote for putting youth first.