This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Craig Speirs

Independent for Maple Ridge Council


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submitted to Maple Ridge's elections office by the candidate

I have been on council for 5 terms a total of 16 years’ experience. In that time, I have never seen a council more dysfunctional than the current one. Disagreements come with the position but exclusion and bullying do not. It has been most disturbing and embarrassing for the community to watch them tear each other apart. Meanwhile the perception of conflict of interest between the majority of council and developers is palpable and real. It's not Maple Ridge First its and You last. We can do better! We need to create A Better Maple Ridge on all the critical issues facing our community. My experience and approach to leadership is what we need at this time. I take myself lightly and the issues seriously. I lead with humor and inclusion. Council needs to work together, I would love to be part of it.