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Leah Pillet

Independent for Maple Ridge Council
The decision to run for Council arose from observing the need for more grassroots resident representation. There is so much potential in Maple Ridge that has been underdeveloped, especially in the areas of supporting businesses, appropriate development, sports, and tourism.

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Leah Pillet has been an active resident of Maple Ridge for 19 years and enjoys raising her family here with her husband. Homeschooling her kids for 11 years has been a wonderful experience, connecting her to many families in the area and all the amazing events put on by the city, library, parks and recreation, sports, and local organizations. Children are very important to Leah, and she served as the organizer and coordinator of the local homeschool community, Ridge Meadows Home Learners, for those 11 years. Many families benefited through her efforts in organizing countless field trips, co-ops, community events, and conventions. This opportunity taught Leah the leadership and organizational skills she plans to bring to the City of Maple Ridge as a Councillor.

Helping others is a passion of Leah’s. She often volunteers at her church and helps new families settle into the country. Leah also works hard to protect EVERY resident by helping the Canadian Freedom Coalition inform people of their rights. She has been a faithful advocate for equal treatment for all residents. Never one for the limelight, Leah serves the community quietly from the background, making a difference and positive impact on the people she meets. She is approachable, straightforward, determined, and honest.

Leah has worked as a chef, owned a daycare and a jewelry company and currently helps her husband with his local business. Her efforts to help people navigate the incredibly difficult circumstances over the last two years have deepened her resolve to see the people and City of Maple Ridge thrive.

The decision to run for council arose from observing the need for more grassroots representation. Leah knows there is so much potential in Maple Ridge that has been underdeveloped, especially in the areas of supporting businesses, appropriate development, sports, and tourism. When elected, she would like to see Council: Make a greater effort to support the residents of Maple Ridge by addressing the taxation rates in this city; Communicate with integrity and invite the residents to participate in the future of Maple Ridge and listen to their concerns and ideas; Support thoughtful, functional development into the future for homes, local businesses, industries, tourism, and recreation; Use our farmland in creative ways that support our economy and food security. Leah’s THRIVE platform reflects her values and her vision.

In her words, “It’s time to start thriving and not just surviving.”

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
T - Tax Freeze
H - Housing and Development with Purpose
R - Recreation and Tourism Development
I - Industry and Business Support
V - Viable Farmlands
E - Every Business and Every Person is Essential

I love Maple Ridge. It’s a beautiful area surrounded by nature and filled with wonderful people. I have lived here for 19 years while raising my kids. I am running for council because I want to see Maple Ridge be the best it can be.

Throughout the years I have witnessed many people doing great things, from trying to tackle the homeless and addiction issues, to protecting our natural areas and building community through various events, to name a few. This needs to be celebrated.

When I talk about wanting to work on the various points of my THRIVE platform, I am not implying that Maple Ridge is broken. What I am saying is that we have an amazing amount of potential and I will lend my voice and energy by supporting what is already working well in our community. Additionally, I will be a voice and advocate for the work that still needs to be done.

I don’t profess to have all the answers. What I will bring you is a passion to do what is right, a pledge to conduct myself with integrity and a serious commitment to listen to the people of this city for their ideas and concerns. I believe that the people who live here day to day see what is happening, understand the issues and even have the solutions.

I strongly believe we are at a turning point in our society where people need to be encouraged to become more involved in what is going on in our communities and governments. I expect you to hold me accountable and will eagerly engage in open, honest discussions about what is happening in the city and hear your ideas to help us thrive. My solution details to my THRIVE platform will be posted in the coming weeks. Please visit this site often. I am willing to meet with anyone who would like to get to know me or talk about their concerns/ideas for the city