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Robert Masse

Independent for Maple Ridge Council

Misc. topics


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Served 2 terms on Maple Ridge Council, from 2011 to 2018. Lived in Maple Ridge since 1982.
I am supported by many community thought leaders in health care, education, police, environment, and governance.
I wrote and delivered the 2013 'Reinstate Riverview' resolution at UBCM.

I will work hard for you. Please go to and kindly read some of the 'Testimonials'.

Reason for running

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I have a proven record as an effective, collaborative, respectful City Councilor.
I study all aspects of the issues thoroughly, listen to all sides, and I am dedicated to the community.
As a Councilor I work for you, I love the 'job', and it suits my skill set perfectly.

Thank You!