This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Chris O'Brian

Independent for Maple Ridge Council


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submitted to Maple Ridge's elections office by the candidate

I live in Maple Ridge with my wife and daughter, moving here in 2006, and would like the honor of serving as your next councillor.

My platform includes:

  • Taking measures to lower the crime rate, such as enacting new bylaws and expanding the volunteer CSO program.
  • Lowering the numbers of our homeless population. I have a petition for a modern, state-of-the art treatment center to be built on my website. With my RPN background I can provide understanding and compassion to this situation.
  • Improve roads and infrastructure
  • Ensure developers pay adequate CAC and DCC fees, to contribute to more amenities like another indoor public swimming pool.
  • As a member of the Transportation Advisory Committee I will advocate for improved bus service to east Maple Ridge and Silver Valley.
  • Ensure we have an adequate amount of commercial development in our mixed use buildings in the Lougheed Corridor Project.

Thank you for your support.