This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Andre Roberge

Independent for Maple Ridge Council
My policies are community driven.

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I'm a candidate committed to serving my community, understands diversity, and dedicated to building bridges.

I am married to my lovely wife and a father to three wonderful children. I currently serve as the DPAC representative for my children’s school. I served as a pastor at Ridge Church. I also served as Youth Coordinator for the Barbados Cultural Association for BC in 2003. (My mother comes from the beautiful island of Barbados. As a result, I’m very proud of my Caribbean roots).

I currently serve as a Shop Steward for my union (and my wife is a small business owner). 

Finally, I am blue-collar worker, that graduated from UBC with a degree in Philosophy and hold a Masters from Regent College.

Reason for running

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I’m running because of my family.

My family is what is driving me. I look around the city, and I see we need infrastructure, amenities, parks, schools bursting at the seams, a public safety and housing crisis, and what is being done?

My family has to live in this city. We love it here. I put my name forward because I want to see positive change for our community.

We can’t stop the growth. But with proper leadership and better negotiations regarding development, our residents can get what we deserve. 

I am independent, not beholden to any special interest, nor am I part of any slate.