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Darleen Bernard

Independent for Maple Ridge Mayor

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I was born in Vancouver for the first nine years of my life. After that my family moved to Burnaby where I grew up. At 22 years of age I met and married a military man.
Unfortunately the marriage broke down and I moved back to Maple Ridge thirteen years ago now.

While being involved in the military we were posted to the East Coast, Winning, and Kentucky, USA.

I have a General BSc and a BScRN degree. I have a none practicing good standing RPN in Ontario LPN in British Columbia. I have not nursed in British Columbia. I have nursed in Ontario as a Community Nurse helping palliative clients. I have also nursed in Peru and in the Dominican Republic.

Having said that I have used a number of medical systems. Both as a parent and for myself. I find British Columbia’s health care system the most lacking.

Reason for running

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The reason I’m running is after reading the line up of candidates I felt that we as a community were being exposed to more of the same. Higher taxes and more unaffordable living in Maple Ridge. I wanted to offer voters an alternative choice.