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Mike Morden

First for Maple Ridge Mayor (incumbent)


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Mike Morden has lived in Maple Ridge with his wife, Hilary, since 1986. They raised two children here and now enjoy spending time with their grandchildren in the community. Mike has served as Mayor of Maple Ridge since 2018, with two prior terms on council.

Mike is a 32 year successful business owner, recently retired. He also is Past President of the local Chamber of Commerce, and a career volunteer.

As Mayor, Mike serves on seven regional boards.

Mike is known to be an honest, passionate, and hardworking problem-solver. Under his stable leadership, Council has successfully led the city through a pandemic, several unprecedented weather events, continuing unfazed, making consistent progress across many areas thanks to Council’s strategic plan. Mike and the Maple Ridge First Team are proud of the work they’ve completed this term and want to continue the work of transforming our town into a vibrant urban city.