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Antara Deb


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Antara Deb loves Burnaby's diverse communities and is working to build a vibrant, inclusive and progressive city that puts the needs of residents first. As a survivor of domestic violence, Antara now serves as a resource for vulnerable women, seniors, and families in need. She brings with her an array of experience, including serving as the Director of New Vista Health Care and Housing, and the Vice-Chair of the Stand with Asians Coalition. As an Executive Councillor at MoveUp, Antara has fought to achieve ethics, equal rights, fair treatment, and inclusion for working families. Her experience in advocating and standing up for others will guide her work at Burnaby City Council. She will advocate for Burnabarians by securing affordable housing, protecting our environment for our future generations, and ensuring systemic racism is addressed at every level and institution. Antara will fight for a Burnaby in which everyone thrives.