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Paul Kwon

Independent for Burnaby School Board


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Raised in Burnaby, I am excited for the opportunity to run for school board trustee and engage with our community.

I grew up in Burnaby with all the privileges of an immigrant middle-class Korean-Canadian boy. After college, I tried a few different careers in my twenties before finding my home at UBC. Like some during the pandemic, I had the opportunity to slow down and re-prioritize my life. I didn’t have a plan, but it resulted in joining the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, lurking on /r antiwork, and volunteering in my community.  The best part of this new balance has been the time and space to hang out with my wife and daughter.

Reason for running

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I want to listen and speak up about the issues facing our Millennial and GenZ parents and its effect on the kids we are raising

I will advocate for and support policies that will increase investments in social programs for younger people. Older parents worked hard and have even helped their adult kids with tuition, down payments, and child care. But stagnant wages and increased cost of living on top of mounting dollar and climate debt has lead to mental health issues and my own burn out. We’ve done a fantastic job of generating all this wealth but I feel we are punting the cost of climate change, inequality, and affordability to the younger generation.  Whatever your age, I want to listen to your ideas to find answers that work for all generations. We are all in this together.