This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Tom Tao

Independent for Burnaby Council


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submitted to Burnaby's elections office by the candidate

2022, world changes big time. We all try to adjust to new NORM. Or worse, some still have no idea. But no matter what, decency is for keep. Many lost smiling face. No one bothers to say can I help. I am Asian, senior and renter. There is too much hate and trust lost. Burnaby has to do better. We need urgency in our first day. City is here to manage. But all are ready to serve. They call it management. But that is not what we see. They just give orders. My way or no way is the case. To serve is not the issue. They hint a form of dictatorship. Councils seem not in touch with base. The ear is shut. Hear no evil and see no evil. New election is up. There will be new line up. Vote Tom Tao.