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Mike Hillman

One for Burnaby Council (incumbent)


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Councillor Mike Hillman was elected in June 2021 & is member & Vice Chair of the Executive Management Committee. 

He also serves on the Public Safety Committee, Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel, and the Metro Task Force on Flood Resiliency. 

Mike’s Burnaby roots run deep, having attended school in Burnaby and studied at SFU. 

Mike helped deliver Expo ’86, and built the Skytrain System that connects our city and our region. 

Mike, his wife Donna, their daughter, son-in-law, and their two granddaughters live together in a multigenerational home they built on the South Slope – which is one thing that Mike is committed to delivering on if he is re-elected, a city that works to keep families together. 

Mike is the founder of One Burnaby, our city’s newest political party, and is committed to ensuring that Burnaby is leading the way in our region and our province.