Maita Santiago

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Maita Santiago is a mother of two and a long-time resident of Burnaby. For three decades, Maita has helped improve the lives of everyday people in Burnaby through grassroots organizing and political advocacy. Maita believes in growing Burnaby into one of the most vibrant and inclusive regions in the province. She has been active in the Philippines and Canada with issues faced by immigrants, women, seniors, workers and other groups who need help. Maita's work as a Citizen Representative on Burnaby’s Social Issues Committee and Sub-Committee on Childcare gives her the experience and knowledge to bring her sense of community values to Burnaby City Hall and work for you and your family. Maita is ready to be a passionate advocate for everyone, and work to address issues like housing affordability, climate change, and workers’ rights so that everyone can live vibrant lives in an inclusive Burnaby.