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Pietro Calendino

BCA for Burnaby Council (incumbent)


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Pietro Calendino has lived in Burnaby for 49 years, where he has served as School Trustee and MLA, and now as a City Councillor. He chaired the Task Force on Community Housing to help people in Burnaby who struggle in today's housing crisis. As chair of the Planning and Development Committee, he implemented the Tenant Assistance Policy, giving renters one of the strongest assistances in Canada. He strives to keep Burnaby affordable for families while maintaining the quality services that people rely on. Serving on many other committees, Pietro has the tools to be an effective councillor who works for you. He has worked diligently to build Burnaby into one of the most vibrant cities in the region, while maintaining a strong local economy and a sense of community. Pietro is ready to get the work done to make Burnaby an environmental leader with a strong resilient community.