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Harinder Parmar

Trying to help every Student thrive & reach their full potential.

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Climate Change

Energy-Efficient Buildings & Retrofits

Green's promise

Make buildings more energy efficient (geothermal, heat pumps, solar)

Urban Heat

Green's promises

Expand Burnaby's green canopy
Preserve and enhance Burnaby's green spaces


submitted by the candidate or their team
Harinder is a passionate advocate for children, and knows it’s easier to "build strong children (and costs less!), than to fix broken adults".

When we support children/youth in their critical growing years, they become thriving adults and responsible community members. Investing in children now will reduce bigger, future costs in addictions, crime, health care, and will support our economy.

A mother of 3 children, Harinder grew up in Burnaby, has a BA from UBC, an Associate Certificate in Public Relations from BCIT, and is studying Dialogue & Engagement at SFU.

As Chair of an elementary school Parent Advisory Council (PAC), she promoted teamwork, inclusion, kindness, outdoor classrooms/gardens, and social-emotional learning.

Harinder loves to coach children/teens in team sports. She is a player herself and feels blessed to be part of a wonderful team of women & men - the BNWR Warriors.

She fosters rescue dogs and has volunteered with many organizations.

She protects the well-being of children and promotes healthy parenting by volunteering as a facilitator for Parent Support Services of BC.

Her many years as a District Representative and Chair on school Parent Advisory Councils, her experience as a Facilitator for Parent Support Services of BC, and her ability to build positive relationships with all ages, as well as coach kids/teens, give her the skills and knowledge to be an exceptional Trustee.

Making our world better starts with children and schools. It’s a big job and Harinder understands we need real teamwork - that includes teachers/parents/students/medical/mental health professionals & our community - to make that dream work!

Values that guide Harinder include:

   *Institutions that are transparent, accountable, and meaningfully inclusive build trust and healthy communities.

   *Humility, honesty, and listening helps us grow and become better people.

   *Kindness, laughter, nature, community, and connections heal - Our world needs more of those things.

   *Respect & Teamwork make the dream work!

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
We need to make our world a better place, and it starts with children. Preventing problems from starting is better than wasting resources trying to fix problems later, and saves us so much unnecessary heartache & pain.

We need to do better...

We have students struggling, needing EAs/assessments for learning disabilities, waiting years, falling behind, and developing more problems.

Anxiety, Depression, and Mental health issues are rising - our children/youth need help.

There are serious problems with bullying and children not being safe at school from peers, as well as from some adults in positions of trust (see Jan. 4 Burnaby Now story). Student safety must be a top priority.

Many great teachers are burning out, because in our current conditions, they cannot properly help students. We need more TOC's/EA's/ and counsellors.

Parents are stressed, trying their best to help their children.

We can do so much better than this!! We need diverse voices at the table (not 1 party monopolies), so we can honestly assess problems and then collaborate to find the best solutions. We need to hear & include everyone's voices.

Our children and society deserve better.