This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Konstantine Roccas

Independent for Burnaby Council
-Real solutions based on logic and fact

-Hard on crime and empathetic towards those in need

-Housing and city infrastructure improvements that promote walkability, beauty and community.

- Affordability


-Community engagement. Talk to me!

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submitted by the candidate or their team
Integrity, honor, honesty and intelligence. This is what I bring to the table. I have no special interests and want to represent the people of this city. I want to explain every detail that happens on the council and answer all of your questions honestly. I'm one of you.

When I say one of you I mean it. I rent, work a regular job and enjoy interacting with people across this city. Let's face it though. We need to do better. Do you look at this city and think 'is this the best we can do?' I do. Every day. On October 15th lets make a difference instead of voting in a revolving door of uninspiring candidates. Let's vote for someone with energy, courage and above all else someone who is willing to vote based on facts and logic and will explain his reasoning.

On October 15th please vote. KFC. Konstantine For Council.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
Because municipal government is further away from the people than ever before. Special interests run rampant. We can pretend the problems vexing this city don't exist, but sooner or later there will be a reckoning. This city deserves someone who cares. If I don't, who will?

At first I ran on a whim. I thought it would be an interesting experience and wasn't expecting much. 

In the past week since I put in my application, the questions flooding my inbox from concerned citizens has given me pause. You all care and deserve someone who will help YOU represent this city. If you grace me with your trust I will work with you all and always tell you the truth. I will be resolute in the face of struggle and always give you my reasoning even if you don't agree. I will talk with you and I will share in leadership with you. I won't be perfect. I will stumble along the way but I'll always move forward and do my best to make you all proud.

What has the past 20 years of leadership brought to the Lower Mainland and Burnaby in particular?

I rest my case.