This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Michelle Sparrow

Independent for Langley Township Mayor

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submitted to Langley Township's elections office by the candidate

Over the last 40+ years I have seen a lot of changes. But what’s never changed for me is the love I have for this community. How we build our community, the protection of our farmlands, safe roads, social infrastructure, and ensuring our youth have activities and places to grow and thrive are just some examples of what I believe is incredibly important to be focused on to ensure the Langley we love is not lost. But this also extends to the mayor’s office, to the atmosphere of transparency, collaboration, and respect. The tone that is set from the mayor’s chair reaches not only through council and the organization, but it also affects how others see us from inside and outside of our community. It is important to me that we protect the Langley we love and ensure it remains the special place we love to call home.