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Gareth Lockhart


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submitted to Langley Township's elections office by the candidate
Gareth has lived in Langley for just over a decade with his high school sweetheart and two young daughters, originally brought to this wonderful community when he started serving as a local firefighter.

Reason for running

submitted to Langley Township's elections office by the candidate

His desire to run for the position of School Trustee was brought about, in part, because of having his daughter begin her own education journey in the Township. He believes having a member on the board with children currently in the Langley education system can provide a much-needed conduit for today’s parent and student.

Gareth is running independently, recognizing the value that individual perspectives and experiences can bring to a successful team. He has a formal education in Local Government Leadership, and is currently working on a Masters Degree in Emergency Management. He has a decade-long record of successful collaboration among all levels of government for health and safety initiatives for First Responders and the public.