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Steve Ferguson

Steve believes that we need to mentor the next generation of leadership and support a great new team with good ideas and the commitment to get things done for our residents and taxpayers.

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submitted to Langley Township's elections office by the candidate
Steve is a Township of Langley Councillor serving his 8th term in office. Steve was most recently elected to office in 2018. Steve and his wife Denise have been a Langley residents for over 40 years. They have raised three children in Langley.

Steve began his professional career as a teacher, working in education the Delta school District. It was during this career that Steve developed his love of politics and decided to pursue a career in municipal government.

In addition to being a Township of Langley Council member, Steve is also a representative of Metro Vancouver. Eager to serve in as many capacities as possible, Steve has served on numerous committees and boards.